SPLEEN-10 (SP10)

Point Location


1.) There are two SP10 points on the body, one on each thigh.

2.) Put your hands on your knees and grab both your lower thighs.

3.) Use you thumbs to locate  a muscle bulge.

4.) SP10 is located at the highest of  point of the bulge of the big thigh muscle (at the lower inner portion of thigh) just above the knee.

5.) This muscle is called the [...]

 6.) SP10 is located at the highest point of its bulge when leg is extended and knee is straight.

7.) Practice  acupressure multiple times a day every day to keep yourself replentished and rebalanced.

8.) Acupressure instructions: Press firmly  on one or both SP10 acupoints for 30 seconds. 

9.) Alternatively,  press SP10 with mild or gentle pressure for longer periods of time (such as while waiting  on computor loadtimes or watching videos.)

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